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Tools, interchangeable; (for machine or hand tools, whether or not power-operated), for screw-driving or uses n.e.c. in heading no. 8207
Специальный зуборезный инструмент
A technology and a special gear cutting tool have been developed to replace traditional worm milling cutters for machining coarse-grained gears. The basis of the original finishing technology is the method of scooping, scientifically based in VNIIINSTRUMENT. Such a tool will be operated on conventional gear milling machines, as a single-thread worm milling machine. Structurally, it is a single-tooth milling cutter with a mechanical fastening of the cutting element in the housing type. The profile of the cutting element depends on the gear and the installation parameters of the tool relative to the product. Regrinding of the cutting elements will be performed outside the tool body on conventional surface grinding machines. Thus, there is no need for expensive machines for regrinding worm milling cutters. An additional advantage is the possibility of manufacturing cutting elements from hard alloy, which, in turn, will allow for finishing machining of hardened (up to 58 HRC) gear parts. The achieved machining accuracy for involute gears is 8 degree of accuracy according to GOST 1643-81. The cost of the tool is 3 ... 5 times lower than the cost of a worm milling cutter of a similar purpose. For rough and semi-finishing machining, designs and manufacturing techniques for modular worm and disk milling cutters with multifaceted non-refillable carbide plates are developed