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Medical, surgical or dental instruments and appliances; n.e.c. in heading no. 9018
Microcapillary tubes Univet Im, Univet Iim
Microcapillary tubes Univet-Im and Univet IIm for capillary blood collection for any types of hematological analyzers. Blood collection is performed on the principle of gravity with the help of a protrusion collector on the wall of the tube. Description: Tubes Univet-Im is plastic, not vacuum tubes with specified nominal with a volume of 200 µl, guaranteeing an accurate sample-anticoagulant ratio. The unique technology of introduction of anticoagulant K2EDTA provides high-quality sample stabilization and storage for 6 hours. The pierced cover allows the operator to minimize possible contact with the blood. Color-coded caps – red (RF national Standard GOST R 53079.4-2008). The tube is provided with a color marking for visual control of filling.