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Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus; automatic, other than hydraulic or pneumatic
Software and hardware complex "Кomega"
Basic is a novelty of MZTA in the engineering systems automation and technological processesfield. These are freely programmable controllers designed for simple objects and the systems they form. In addition to the tasks of engineering systems automation, they can be integrated with ASCAPC systems (heat, electricity, gas and water meters), and various equipment using standardized protocols. Configurability of controllers: Possibility of ordering a controller with individual configuration I / O, memory size, interfaces. Near Field Communication: Authentication of access levels, performance specified commands, algorithms, etc. Development of algorithms, hardware configuration, built-in screenschemes, SCADA systems in one design environment.Software DESCRIPTION: kStudio is an Integrated Development Environment used to develop projects - algorithms and SCADA-systems, and equipment debugging as well.