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Iron or steel; articles n.e.c. in heading 7326
Body armour vest "Spetsnaz"
The body armour is designed to reduce the likelyhood of injuries by small arms bullets, bladed weapons, shrapnel striking elements. The body armor consists of front protector (hereinafter – FP) and back protector (hereinafter – BP) with sewn collar, side plates, removable groin protector (hereinafter GP) and removable shoulder protection (hereinafter - SP). FP BP, side plates, GP and SP consist of an outer cover with fabric protective screen inside it. Outer cover FR, BP, side panels and GP also have inner pockets to place ceramic armor panels. Depending on the design ceramic armor panels could be installed in the armour to protect the chest, back, sides and groin providing protection for Br 4 or Br 5 classes of protective structure according to GOST R 50744.