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InfoWatch Appercut
Appercut is an automated control system of business applications source code in compliance with the requirements for a secure development of a software. Appercut checks code quality and detects vulnerabilities at the programming stage, taking into consideration the requirements for secure programming PCI DSS, best practices of CERT, OWASP and CWE, recommendations of SDLC, as well recommendations of the platform vendors (SAP, Oracle, MS). It’s also possible for users to add their own custom checking rules. The solution automatically generates reports about detected vulnerabilities (doc, docx, pdf, html) and sets bug fixing tasks for programmers. When integrated into the process of business apps acceptance, Appercut provides a secure entrance to the operation and updating of the software. Appercut reports provide description of bugs and vulnerabilities in code, which allow programmers to increase their skills. Supports more than 20 programming languages.