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P2P Hybrid PBX Symway Hybrid SZ1900 El
Russian unified communications system based on the principles of peer-to-peer architecture. P2P unified communications network node (peer). Allows to provide ease of scaling of the network, the highest degree of its fault tolerance, territorial distribution of devices, mobility of users, as well as efficiency of investments. 4 E1 trunks, 8 virtual faxes, 50 IP trunks, up to 100 SIP subscribers, 50 concurrent calls. Network: Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX Static IP, DHCP QoS. Protocols: SIP (RFC3261), IAX2. Transport type: UDP, TCP, TLS. Codecs: G.711, G.729, GSM, G.722, iLBC, Speex, Opus. Fax: T.30, T.38. Dimensions, mm: 140х95х55 (DIN-rail mount, VESA mount). Weight, g: 270. Power supply: PoE IEEE 802.3af.