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Optical media; recorded, excluding products of Chapter 37
CMMS Management Equipment Maintenance and Repair Management System
The system stores accurate and complete information about the equipment’s technical data sheets, the history of its inspections, diagnostics and repairs, providing information support for decision-making. Requests for scheduled and urgent repairs are registered, submitted, considered and coordinated automatically. The solution is integrated with the electronic document management system, and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Features for system users: • Monitoring the execution of requested tasks • Full and up-to-date information for maintenance management and repair planning • Coordination of repair schedules and requests with other divisions and related enterprises • Cost planning for maintenance and replacement of power equipment Automatic reporting • Access to tasks for inspection, diagnosis and repair • Get detailed information (data, maps) about necessary equipment and its location Identification of equipment using QR code, barcode and augmented reality technology