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Optical media; recorded, excluding products of Chapter 37
INFOTECH ENERGOCOMPLEX Task management system and planning the work of field service teams
The system makes it possible to promptly receive and process users’ requests, dispatching requests and information from mobile inspectors about technological disruptions in the operation of distribution networks and outdoor lighting systems. The creation of job cards for field service teams by supervisors and control over the execution of works are automated. Features for system users: • Centralized reception and processing of applications coming from various sources • Automated creation and assignment of job cards • Tasks assignment based on current information on location and workload of field teams • Monitoring compliance with the scheduled troubleshooting deadlines Monitoring the quantity and quality of work • Automated reporting • Collection of statistics on works performed, and on the replacement and repair of equipment Access to tasks for inspection, diagnosis and repair • Detailed information (data, maps, diagrams) about the equipment to be repaired and its location • GPS positioning