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Machinery; for moulding or forming, for working rubber or plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials, n.e.c. in this chapter
Pultrusion line for the production of basalt-composite mesh
The line is intended for manufacturing of basalt mesh and its modifications. The line is the next set of equipment, consistently mounted on a single frame: 1. Rack for bobbins with roving (creel). It is a rectangular frame with five shelves. There is a place for 12 bobbins for each shelf. 2. A bath with a tensioning device - a container for uniform distribution, impregnation and pressing of basalt fiber by a binding component. 3. The twisting and binding unit is a device in which a transverse grid rod is interwoven between the longitudinal filaments of the fiber. 4. Polymerization chamber is a group of furnaces with different temperatures according to the technological process. 5. Cooling device. 6. The pulling device of the roll type is intended for the timely drawing of the molded product. 7. Cutting mechanism. 8. Operating panel. 9. Distribution cabinet. 10. Frame. The bearing construction on which units of production line are assembled.