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Individual Entrepreneur Volchok-Rusakovich Vasiliy Vladimirovich

رقم التعريف الضريبي773394363977

عنوان21, bld. 1, Elektrozavodskaya st., Moscow, 107023

هاتف+7 (925) 886-73-31

(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
611011 Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles; knitted or crocheted, of wool or fine animal hair

(NACE REV.2) نوع الأنشطة
47.71 Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores
أسواق التصدير الحالية
عن الشركة
The brand policy is based on democratic prices and the creation of things that belong to the buyer and not enslave him. The main sources of inspiration for the brand are art, cultural and social phenomena. Each collection carries a number of ideas united by a common concept - in this way the WOLZK team transmits its own vision of what is happening around.
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