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Individual Entrepreneur Landar Daniil Anatolievich

رقم التعريف الضريبي772613126680

عنوان21, Elektrozavodskaya st., Moscow, 107023

هاتف+7 (929) 513-04-21

(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
611011 Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles; knitted or crocheted, of wool or fine animal hair

(NACE REV.2) نوع الأنشطة
14.13 Manufacture of other outerwear
أسواق التصدير الحالية
عن الشركة
DANIIL LANDAR is a Russian brand for women and men who value clothes functional, modern and thoughtful design. By offering refined classic models, we create clothes that can be relevant out of season. Nontrivial cut together with the usual forms form a discreet, endless product, shaping new image trends person living in the active environment of the city.
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