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Individual Entrepreneur Ivanova Anastasia Vladimirovna

رقم التعريف الضريبي771900113725

عنوان27-2-17, Bolshaya Semenovskaya st., Moscow, 107023

هاتف+7 (495) 220-45-04

(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
650699 Headgear; (other than safety headgear), (of materials other than rubber or plastic), whether or not lined or trimmed

650500 Hats and other headgear; knitted or crocheted, or made up from lace, felt or other textile fabric, in the piece (but not in strips), whether or not lined or trimmed; hair-nets of any material, whether or not lined or trimmed

(NACE REV.2) نوع الأنشطة
14.3 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted apparel
أسواق التصدير الحالية
عن الشركة
Manufacturer of knitted and textile hats, caps, bandanas for women.
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