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Individual Entrepreneur Avgustopulo Eleonora Teodorovna

رقم التعريف الضريبي772448213200

عنوان56-1-105, Sevanskaya st., Moscow, 115516

هاتف+7 (495) 983-03-04; +7 (915) 436-64-46


(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
610910 T-shirts, singlets and other vests; of cotton, knitted or crocheted

610711 Underpants and briefs; men's or boys', of cotton, knitted or crocheted

(NACE REV.2) نوع الأنشطة
14.14 Manufacture of underwear
أسواق التصدير الحالية
عن الشركة
The company’s flagship product - Smart 3D men's underwear with specially designed groin area, that offers a new level of comfort and allows to stay healthy and sexually active. Russian technology patented in Europe. Ergonomic correct сut takes into account men's anatomy. For the first time the dimensions of the groin area are measured – 3D volumetric gusset has three standard sizes, that means ample seamless space for the private parts. We produce boxers, hipsters, briefs, slips, elongated boxers, leggings, also men's and women's T-shirts, correcting visually and emphasizing male and female proportions. Breathing natural material is a plus.
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